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Everything you need for your health journey!


Everything you need for your health journey!

Suggested Books

Metamorphosis: A Journey To Holistic Wellness by Chris James

Man’s Higher Consciousness 1962 by Hilton Hotema

Alkaline Herbal Medicine by Aqiyl Aniys

The Human Body Owners Workshop Manual by Allegedly K.A. Dave

The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush by Andreas Moritz

Quench by Dana Cohen

Water Containers

2-Gallon Glass Container with Spigot

Miron 32oz Glass Water Bottle

Bernadette Fowlkes-Bridges
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This is such a positive and powerful uplifting group of people. The help, encouragement and insight on healthy alternatives and fasting is great. I did my first 3day dry fast after watching the group interaction for an entire year. Awesomeness is what I see and more is on the way! Congratulations and blessings to you Chris James!!
Sharon Miott
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Chris James is great at what he does. First and foremost, he preaches what he's already practicing regarding Fasting and living a healthy lifestyle. He doesn't mind being asked questions about fasting, and he has many great videos on not only fasting, his videos also touch on many other subjects related to living a healthy lifestyle. I'm telling anyone who'd listen that you won't be disappointed when visit his YouTube Channel. By the way, if you haven't joined the A Healthy Alternative Facebook page, do so RIGHT NOW!!! 🙌👍😇
Orlene Arrieux
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Chris and his family’s journey is very inspirational. Chris is a walking vast of knowledge which he has acquired basically through his personal experiences, and researches. Everyday, I hope onto his group to gain knowledge, support and inspiration.

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