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A Message from Chris

“A Healthy Alternative was created in order to provide those who seek it with the information that could teach them natural healing techniques in a world where we’re dying every day from a lack of knowledge.

In addition to this website, we also have a Facebook group, the YouTube channel, an Instagram page, and Patreon. All the platforms are focused on collecting information from a multitude of sources, sifting through all the misleading information, and presenting you with health information that actually works.

Whether you are new to A Healthy Alternative or a seasoned vet, make sure to check out the toolbox page for recommendations on books and other tools.

Some of the things you will learn here will shock you and catch you off guard. I encourage you to keep an open mind, because basically what I have learned, is that the mass majority of what we’ve been taught throughout our lives as it relates to health or otherwise, is a lie, a half-truth or completely backward.

Join me on this journey of discovery as we uncover the hidden truths about health, wellness, and human physiology. Welcome to A Healthy Alternative.

As you may know by now, my name is Chris James, and I’m just your average friendly neighborhood electrician turned ‘health guru’ (as I am referred to by some). This all started a few years ago. I had a few issues I was dealing with, one of which was an infection I had been suffering from for almost 10 years. I was so tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I was so conscious of my body, I would suck in my stomach as a reflex. After speaking with my general practitioner, being referred to a specialist, being given every antibiotic and shot they had available, I was at my wit’s end, it was time for a major change. As I started learning about healing, I realized that the world we live in was full of disease, and people were dying for no good reason other than lack of knowledge. At the same time, I was reaching the climax of my patience in dealing with my own health issues. My brother Jonathan was also in a very similar place. He was a veteran on full disability, with more issues than I can recall. Everything from being morbidly obese to diabetes to impotency, he had a laundry list of issues, and I was determined to find a way to rectify all of our problems naturally. Fast forward almost three years later, and I have done just that.

We have been able to heal all of our issues using a few different healing modalities as well as maintaining a truly healthy diet. The thing that’s the most interesting about all of it, is that it’s comfortable. The lifestyle we lead now is much more enjoyable than it was previously, we eat such an array of flavorful foods, we feel like our quality of living has been increased. The most fulfilling part of this entire process is being able to share this information with anyone who is seeking it. Through our various platforms we’ve been able to help literally thousands of others, and now we are very proud to have the opportunity to help you as well (when you’re ready).”

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Bernadette Fowlkes-Bridges
Bernadette Fowlkes-Bridges
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This is such a positive and powerful uplifting group of people. The help, encouragement and insight on healthy alternatives and fasting is great. I did my first 3day dry fast after watching the group interaction for an entire year. Awesomeness is what I see and more is on the way! Congratulations and blessings to you Chris James!!
Sharon Miott
Sharon Miott
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Chris James is great at what he does. First and foremost, he preaches what he's already practicing regarding Fasting and living a healthy lifestyle. He doesn't mind being asked questions about fasting, and he has many great videos on not only fasting, his videos also touch on many other subjects related to living a healthy lifestyle. I'm telling anyone who'd listen that you won't be disappointed when visit his YouTube Channel. By the way, if you haven't joined the A Healthy Alternative Facebook page, do so RIGHT NOW!!! 🙌👍😇
Orlene Arrieux
Orlene Arrieux
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Chris and his family’s journey is very inspirational. Chris is a walking vast of knowledge which he has acquired basically through his personal experiences, and researches. Everyday, I hope onto his group to gain knowledge, support and inspiration.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know a little bit about myself and why AHA was formed! Dig around the website (the hub as we like to call it), I guarantee you will find something you didn’t know before. Take care, and as I always say, “The application of knowledge is power”.

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