Changing “How You Think”, if you are not happy and healthy, is atop the hierarchical list of things one can do to be of happiness and health.

A Healthy Alternative is here to help you realize your potential as a whole(listic) human “Being” primarily through, but not limited to, Water Fasting. A Healthy Alternative is a wellness community with water fasting as its fundamental practice created by health and wellness coach, Chris James. Here, at AHA, we keep in mind the knowing that a limitless perception contributes to the elevation of humanity. It is in this knowing that allows us to know that “we don’t know what we don’t know”, and we therefore realize that there is an abundance of ways to realizing your potential. What you will find here at the home of is just but a few of those ways. You will see real transformations as we wish to motivate you with inspiration, the good feeling, because we believe the actions that follow will be more effective, even everlasting. Welcome, we are happy to have you.

by Chris James, Wellness Coach

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