Chris James

Alkaline vs. Distilled Water

5 minute read Today I wanted to briefly discuss my alkaline vs. distilled water video and follow up on some of the top comments I received. First off, there is something I wanted to clear up, because when I re-watched the video, I realized that I made it sound like my distiller sucked LOL.  My distiller does not

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Chris James

The Power Of Water Fasting And Intermittent Fasting

2 minute read So today we’re going to be reviewing my first 13-day water fasting experience video, as well as look at some of the top comments. Ok, first off, not only was this experience safe, but it was extremely beneficial. Fasting works and I’m sticking to it LOL. My first big tip would be we do not

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150-Day Water Fast
(The Fasting Fatman)

< 1 minute read He was extremely overweight; he didn’t want to die so he made powerful change. Watch John’s incredible journey going from 530lbs to 300lbs in 150 days by harnessing the power of fasting! Press Play to Watch and share with us an interesting takeaway BELOW? in the comments.*AHAFastingAcademy*

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What exactly is Water Fasting?

< 1 minute read Ahh, water fasting. Without a doubt this has to be our premier natural therapy. If you have never heard of water fasting, prepare to strap in.  Water fasting has the ability to completely restart and support the natural healing process in you body, as well as boost any other therapies you are utilizing in order to

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Sun-Energized Water

3 minute read Make no mistake, water is the single most important aspect of health. It’s not a coincidence that we as human beings are made up of, some say, 90% water. I remember hearing one doctor refer to us as water bags.  Our deep lack of understanding in reference to water and how we interact with it

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What are Healthy Foods

5 minute read Healthy foods, what are they? It seems like a simple enough question, I mean, we’ve all been taught health and nutrition from grade school. The food pyramid showed us exactly how we should eat and they drilled it into our minds, posting it everywhere, including on the back of juice cartons, posters in school, even

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Liver and Galbladder Flush

2 minute read Another premium therapy that we teach, and is ranked (in my opinion) almost as high as water fasting, would be the liver and gallbladder flush.  I would recommend utilizing the liver and gallbladder flush in conjunction with the water fasting therapy. Over time the bile ducts in the liver/gallbladder get clogged by stones which are

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