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What exactly is Water Fasting?

water fasting
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Ahh, water fasting. Without a doubt this has to be our premier natural therapy. If you have never heard of water fasting, prepare to strap in. 


Water fasting has the ability to completely restart and support the natural healing process in you body, as well as boost any other therapies you are utilizing in order to make you a well-oiled healing machine.

The idea is so simple you will try to find ways to over-complicate it. 


Water fasting is literally the act of consuming nothing but water for a period of time. The longer you fast the better, and the benefits seem to have no bounds. 


This is a natural part of the human experience we have been drawn away from in the past century as disease runs rampant, but finally we are reconnecting and learning how to become in tune with our bodies as we realize the true healing can only come from within.

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Picture of Chris James

Chris James

Chris is a health and wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people become diabetes-free after achieving health himself. He is the Creator of A Healthy Alternative.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    Thank you so much for your videos! I happened to find you on YouTube one day and have been a subscriber since! I have experience fasting for the past 20 years, day fasts, 40 day liquid fasts, etc., but I feel like I am fasting properly since watching your videos. I struggle with weight loss and have problems with maintaining a healthy weight. Currently I am on day #9 of your ‘lose 100 lbs in 90 days’ program. I am doing great so far. I tried to do the 7 day prep before the fast and had a hard time but decided on Feb. 1st I was just going to do it and here I am! I will let you know of my progress. Thank you and keep it up. God bless you all.

  2. I am very interested in your program. I’m to the point of my last resort of WLS. I am to have WLS this year, but this has come to me again. I believe this is a spiritual move and I can keep my whole stomach. I am 44 and weigh 390+ pounds. I do have High blood pressure and on medicine. No diabetes or cholesterol problems. I have watched your videos and I know you can help me, help me… can’t wait to get started.

  3. Hi, I am currently on my 5th day of water fast and wish to complete 21 days at least, is it better to continue for 21 days or after 10 days I will break my fast for 3 days and then start again ?

    1. @Ajmal take an assessment of how you feel on day 10, if you feel the need to break for a bit and restart that is totally fine, as is if you feel good to continue, you can as well. What are your intentions/goals?

  4. Hello Chris, my name is Diane Tennyson I’ve watched you years ago and you came back up on my YouTube channel. I will start a regiment of fasting forever is my plan. Watch one of your videos you suggest to hydrate the body first and then start the fast. so I really would like to start a five day two days off and continue on for the duration of my journey, any other suggestions?

    1. It’s very difficult to answer general questions like this because the suggestions are vast. I’d highly recommend joining our aha fasting academy. There I go over a ton of useful information that would benefit you based on where you are currently.

  5. Hi Chris,

    I watched your video on better hydration on water fasts and what would be the best ratio for chia seeds to water and lemon+lime juice to water? Also, can I incorporate both into my water during a fast (mix them together and/or separte drinks)? Thanks!!

  6. Hi Chris, my name is Darcia Smith and I first want to say thank you for all that you do. I am fairly new to water fasting, I did a three day WF a few months ago after coming across some of your videos. I am now on day five of a 21 day WF. There was no preparation, I just sat up Sunday morning and it dropped in my spirit to do it before I even opened my eyes so I started without knowing anything except I want to heal. So with that being said, would you PLEASE tell me what I need to do to ensure proper bowel movements without breaking my fast, NOT feeling very well digestive wise. Thank you in advance and Blessings

    1. Hi Darcia. Well the best was to help your situation is in proper preparation but something tells me you already knew that. With that being said, I highly recommend that you use a colonic or enema in your case. That’s one of the easiest ways to get the bowels flushed. Another option is an herb blend called digestzen it helps get the digestive system moving and it works very well it wont impact your fast. Two drops under the tongue or two drops in 4 oz of water twice a day. You can also rub it on your belly.

  7. Hello I have a bad heart and was told that I have heart failure. Among other medications i was given a diuretic in order to keep the water off of my heart. How can water fasting help me in light of that? Or is it safe to do a water fast?

    1. Water fasting helps deal with the core issue that you face. Heart disease is not much different than other diseases in terms of causation. Diet plays a huge role but the biggest issue is the body can’t handle the toxic load. Over time disease develops as the elimination systems break down. Fasting allows the body to begin the process of healing and restoring the functions that keep us healthy. Now you can greatly aid this but watching what you put in your mouth but fasting helps bc it allow the body extra energy to heal rather than digesting food. We can go much deeper into things via a consultation.

  8. Hi I’m on my 16th day of a water fast, but I’m not going to the bathroom, I just started my fast because my mind was ready, but I didn’t do a pre fast. Help what can I take to make me go to the bathroom without breaking my fast, my goal is 21 days????????

    1. Well the best was to help your situation is in proper preparation but something tells me you already knew that. With that being said, I highly recommend that you use a colonic or enema in your case. That’s one of the easiest ways to get the bowels flushed. Another option is an herb blend called digestzen it helps get the digestive system moving and it works very well it wont impact your fast. Two drops under the tongue or two drops in 4 oz of water twice a day. You can also rub it on your belly.
      Also check this

    2. Sorry, I missed your question. Well obviously preparing for the fast is number one. Perform a enema maybe an option or taking an herbal tea or supplement to help you bowels move. You also could do nothing and let your body move the bowels.

  9. Hi Chris, I am a 18yr old Male, I stand at 193-194cm, and weigh roughly between 295-315lbs, I am getting a scale soon so hope to have a exact figure soon. I have watched a lot of your videos and am really interested in trying water fasting, but I am on prescribed medication for my skin condition and I can’t seem to find anywhere alone about wether it’s safe to fast or not because everywhere seems to be against fasting overall so I can’t find the answers I’m looking for, do you know of any problems I may run into when trying to water fast whilst on prescribed medication?

    1. Hi friend!! Ok do you want to tell me what the skin issue is? You may experience a rough time taking meds while fasting because all medication is toxic to some degree. You can do it if you feel you need to but the body may actively reject your medicine.

  10. I live in the Midwest and sun is not prevalent this time of the year. Would the gem bottles do the same as sun energized water? Thanks…I am trying to figure out where to start and to do the my fast the proper way. I noticed in the video you stated we should start a fast with water based fruit and veggies.

    1. There’s a couple different ways you can get structured water obviously if you collected rainwater that would be a great way to get it. You can get it from fruit juice. And then of course you can manufacture it which is a little cheaper and more consistent. If you can’t use the sun to make your some water at home you can use the gem water bottles essentially what it does is structure the water so that it’s more hydrating but it uses natural frequency to do so so it’s still a completely natural process. I actually highly recommend using the water bottles in the place of sun energizing your water if you don’t have good sunlight. If you’re interested in one of the bottles I have a few on hand I could send you the details and ship it out for you asap.

  11. Hi Chris, I have done water fasting in the past and the most I achieved was 21 days of just water fasting. Fasting is not new to me and as a muslim I always fast for the whole of Ramadan(muslim month of fasting). However, since I did the 21days fasting about 2 years ago I have been unable to complete any worthwile water fasting. I now weigh 225 at 5/4 age 49. I also have a growth on my sternum due to thyroid problem. I need help to fast at least 60 days. Please assist me.

    1. When you fast for Ramadan arent they daily fasts? Like you dont fast for 30 day straight correct?
      To address what your going through, have you ever prepared for a fast?

  12. Im a 60 yr old female I’m interested in trying the water fast, I’m doing the vegan vegetarian meals 3 to 4 days a week I’ve lost 27lbs since August 18th, I’ve notice I’m gases and bloated a lot, my 29 yr old daughter lives with me she had depression and diabetes I would love to get her on board so we can do it together, but her cravings for sweets and fried foods keeps her weight on and I want to help her as well as myself, I do have to do more research on it , do you resume eating food as some point and what recipes are best for diabetics, I read and watch more videos to educate myself

      1. Diabetics are not told not to eat fruits at all there is a complete list of fruits are absolutely good for diabetics such as berries and many other fruits in moderation. I don’t know how to put a picture in this box is there a lots of low sugar fruits I have been listening to your videos since I found you and find you very very intelligent and informative. I enjoy them very much I cannot afford to join your group. I am a weight loss surgery patient for me years ago and am wondering if the fasting is bad for me I have been doing intermittent fasting off and on. I only gained back 20 of the 93 lb lost but don’t want to continue

  13. Hi Chris
    I am seeking information to get healthier. Suffering from hypothyroidism and starting to feel bad aches and pains in my body. Thinking it’s a side effect of the med to control thyroid function. Does water fasting help with thyroid function? How often should you water fast to see changes in how you feel and overall health? Thanks in advance for any info you could give.

    1. Yes, poor thyroid function can be corrected with proper diet and fasting. You’re going to want to adopt a regular fasting schedule like 3 days each week and eat well and you will quickly see your thyroid function return to normal. I outline different strategies in the

  14. Has water fasting helped with healing degenerative arthritis? I have pain and bone on bone arthritis in low back hip and knees. Pre diabetic

  15. I would like to move forward in my weight loss journey. I realize I need help to initiate my water fast. Thank you for this opportunity Chris. Most of all thank God for directing my path.

  16. Hi, I have been struggling with my weight for years and Im recovering from 2 minor strokes? My weight is all over the place and I want to look like my old self again; I have no idea what to do / get started? Can you give me some advise

    1. Hi! I would say the first place to start is to identify what is the source of your disease, only then can you move forward with a plan an to heal you. You know you better than anyone else, so as it relates to you weight and subsequently the two strokes what do you believe is your core issue?

  17. Hi Chris,
    I have been IF for about 2 months with no success. I am 156cm and weigh 257lbs. I am on day 2 of water fast. I plan to go for 5 days first to have the experience.
    Is it a good idea to drink coffee during a fast?

    1. Nice 5 days is a great starting point it’s my typical suggestion! I would recommend fresh juice over coffee but only if you feel like you’re about to break your fast. Make sure you stick to water only as much as possible

  18. Hey Chris, I did see faster healing properties in day 4 I got some tattoo work done and they are coming along way better than any other I got done prior. I’m in the second week and notice what you call shrinking same weight ect, but my question is do you have experience or advice about adding apple cider vinegar to your water while fasting.

    1. I’ve never done this, and I’ve only ever suggested it for those dealing with vomiting. I’d recommend not using it tho. Nothing is more efficient that just water for the most part. Herbs can be beneficial at times.

  19. Hi Chris, I want to join fasting academy to lose 60lbs of stubborn fat. At 53yrs and standing 5ft. 3ins. Carrying around 190lbs I am ready to let this be my last option as I am tired trying ALL diets and fads. I have done intermittent fasting for 14/16hrs and didn’t lose a pound. I need your expertise to guide me through it all. Thanks in advance.

    1. ???? good! Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we are ready to change. You can join the Academy by clicking the course tab in the main menu or go to

    2. Katherine, I was wondering how it was going? I myself am 1 year younger, 1/2 an inch taller and in the same weight range ase you. Have you gotten good tried this, and/or gotten good results?

  20. Im interested in water fasting but dont know how to start or what to do to prepare ! Please help me.

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Picture of Chris James

Chris James

Chris is a health and wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people become diabetes-free after achieving health himself with water fasting as the fundamental practice. He is the Creator of A Healthy Alternative.

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