Sun-Energized Water

Make no mistake, water is the single most important aspect of health. It’s not a coincidence that we as human beings are made up of, some say, 90% water. I remember hearing one doctor refer to us as water bags. Our deep lack of understanding in reference to water and how we interact with it is immensely detrimental to our health. It’s not just simply H2O and it’s not just simply something we utilize for hydration or because we’re thirsty. Water is literally everything.

During my research I started to uncover some of the secrets of water and slowly but surely I’ve been releasing that information, so make sure to check back here from time to time as I may have updated some of the information.

Water has very unique characteristics. Not only does it have three forms, but there’s actually a fourth form of water that’s kind of like honey. It is what causes your gelatin-like substances to have that texture. Oddly enough, on a molecular level water is actually a crystal and not a liquid. This unique characteristic allows for what’s called water structuring or structured water. I recall when I was a kid, scientists were talking about being able to store data or information on crystals due to its infinite storage capacity. Well, water has the ability to store information as well, because like I said, it’s essentially a crystal and the terminology used to describe this is Water Memory.

At this point I’m sure I’ve made mention of a couple of things you never knew about water unless you’ve done some in-depth research of your own. You see, this type of information is not readily available to us and it’s not something you’re going to find in your high school science class. But understanding the relationship between humans and water is so imperative because water has the ability to heal, it also has the ability to poison, it all depends on how the water is treated and what the water has been through. Some of you may be familiar with Homeopathic Solutions, it’s essentially where you can take the molecules of something else, put it in water, shake it up and the water will memorize the molecular structure of whatever it was in contact with, thus replicating itself and creating a completely different structure. The implications for this are massive. Essentially you could take plain old water and create healing solutions from it utilizing this technique.

There have been quite a few prominent scientists who have done some extraordinary tests using water. One of my favorites would have to be Dr. Emoto. He would play music to the water and then flash freezer to see what type of formations the crystals made. He also did another extraordinary experiment where he used rice in a beaker of water and spoke to it every day in order to see how it would affect the fermentation of the rice. These types of experiments prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that water is much beyond our current comprehension and for that reason we do not value it properly.

Energizing water is the act of restoring the natural energy that water possesses utilizing the sun. Just like plants, all things need the sun’s energy to thrive and grow, including us, we get this energy in a couple different ways, mainly through our skin, but we can also absorb it through the food we eat and in addition to that the water we drink. I have created a couple of videos speaking about water that I will be linking below. I highly suggest you watch them both and please feel free to ask more questions.

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