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The Power Of Water Fasting And Intermittent Fasting

The Power Of Water Fasting And Intermittent Fasting
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So today we’re going to be reviewing my first 13-day water fasting experience video, as well as look at some of the top comments.

Ok, first off, not only was this experience safe, but it was extremely beneficial. Fasting works and I’m sticking to it LOL. My first big tip would be we do not talk about Fast Club, I had so many friends and family try to discourage me from doing this and I’m so glad I didn’t give in.

Fasting is the ultimate master cleanse, it helps reset the immune system, as well as the mind, in addition to the body. On my 13-day fast I noticed that my teeth got whiter. 

I got a boost in energy and was only needing about 4 to 5 hours of sleep. Now this next one is what I call an off-benefit: I saved a ton of money on food. Obviously if you’re not eating, you’re not spending money at the grocery store? 

Due to all of the weight I lost, I felt lighter and it was very noticeable because I lost the weight in such a short period of time, also I didn’t feel bloated, both very, very good feelings. 

One very interesting benefit was I wasn’t gassy, I had always thought farting was a very natural process, but after learning more about the body and experiencing fasting I realized that gas actually wasn’t necessary, when I went back to eating, because I was eating the proper foods, I wasn’t gassy. 

My cognitive function improved, which is always a good thing. I saw a big difference in the clarity of my skin. I noticed that I was losing about 2 pounds per day. Ultimately, fasting made transitioning into healthy eating easier, it resets the taste buds and also starts the process of detoxing the neurotoxins. 

The neurotoxins are what’s really going to cause you to have heavy cravings.


Top comments

Well, most of the comments were just thanks for the information or just letting me know that they had started a fast.

One of you asked how quickly I lost my weightI was losing about 2 pounds a day on average.

Another viewer asked what foods I ate after my fastJuicy fruit, that is the absolute best thing you can consume after a fast and I consumed it in small quantities, your stomach will definitely shrink.

One of you all talked about struggling on your fast and asked for advice. Make sure that you do a little prep work before you start your fast and it will make it easier. There’s nothing wrong with diving right into the fast, it won’t hurt you, but taking a few days to reduce how much you eat, or try a fruit diet for 5 days, helps tremendously when you perform your actual fast.

A couple other of you asked if I put anything in my water or did supplements. I did a 100% pure water fast, but I did take some detox herbs. So I didn’t put anything in my water, but I did use some herbs in a capsule that help stimulate the excretion of waste and cellular waste.

Well guys, I’ll be wrapping this up, I’m so proud of me, I just wrote my first blog. I hope you guys enjoyed it, until next time?

Please share if you found value here and think someone could benefit or would enjoy this read😁. -Thank You 

Picture of Chris James

Chris James

Chris is a health and wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people become diabetes-free after achieving health himself. He is the Creator of A Healthy Alternative.

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  1. Hey Chris! I’m so buzzed this platform is here. I just wanted to get your thoughts on some things.

    I’ve read breaking a long term water only fast with juice will spike your insulin levels, and breaking it on a green juice (mainly cucumber) is best. I know Dr Shelton broke his patients on juice but Dr Goldhamer uses greens. As Dr Goldhamer has more recent, up to date research would you say for a long term fast (40 days) juice is still applicable?

    Do you have a refeeding schedule, i.e. a slow reintroduction to food/time scale or any particular foods and methods of breaking a fast that should be avoided? And how long should we be refeeding for?

    Lastly, you mention supplements. I’ve read that putting anything in, or on, your body is not a true water fast as it will interfere with the body’s natural detoxification process. What say ye?

    I definitely agree, the first rule of fast club is: do NOT talk about fast club.

    Thanks again Chris. You’re pretty awesome dude!

    1. Thanks a lot for your message. And I really appreciate the positive vibes. So to answer your first question I’m going to put an end to the debate right here I’m 100% certain that breaking your fast with fresh squeezed fruit juice or juicy fruits is the best way to break your fast. Fruit is the natural food for a human being so it only makes sense that it would be the best thing to put in the body after a long fast. Now with that being said you’re going to want to understand that fruit doesn’t mean sweet there’s a lot of savory fruits and different types of fruits. The key is making sure that you break your fast with fruits that have high water content. As long as the fruit has high water content it’s good meaning whether it’s sweet or savory it doesn’t matter. Personally I promote juicy fruits like oranges apples pears strawberries.
      I usually do personalized refeeding schedules based on information I collect from the individual. But A good rule of thumb is if your fasting for 2 weeks or more you should probably take about 5 days to come out of your fast. Day one on a 30-day fast I would do fruit juice Day 2 I would incorporate juicy fruits whole fruits day 3 I would incorporate vegetables soups grains day 4 you can start having cooked meals things like that and then by day6 or so you can incorporate meat if that’s what you’re into.
      The supplements that I mentioned to take while fasting or whole supplements these are on a completely different level than the supplements one would typically take their sensually herbs. Now depending on the types of herbs you take they are designed to stimulate the body to detox so they won’t hinder the body from detoxing it would actually help promote the natural processes that take place in the body. It’s just something that you don’t need if you fast long enough but it’s also something you don’t want to overuse or abuse there is a delicate balance when it comes to using the herbs.

      1. Wonderful! Thank you so much for your response. Your answers make perfect sense to me. As I head into my second month of my very first water fast I take you with me. Lots of love to you Chris!

  2. I just want to say I am so Happy to see someone so passionate in wanting to spread the truth about what can help heal our bodies. Thank you so much for telling the truth. what more could we ask for? Much love for you Chris!

    1. I think yours is the first official comment LOL thank you so much and I love having you as a part of the family, you are just as passionate about sharing the wealth and I love that you’re supporting the movement. I think we are going to go on to do amazing things together 🙂

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Picture of Chris James

Chris James

Chris is a health and wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people become diabetes-free after achieving health himself with water fasting as the fundamental practice. He is the Creator of A Healthy Alternative.

Consult w/ Chris

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