Weight loss milestone!

Myketa– This is from my first WF back in January… I’m currently on my second extended WF(day2) I did 24 days. I had never gone that long without food! Im feeling so healthy Mentally and Spiritually which was my sole purpose. My skin cleared up and I dropped 30 pounds. The WF had completely reset my body in a way I craved healthier food vs the non healthy junk food! There were days when I was detoxing emotionally, on those days I cried to purge. After about day 4-5 the hunger pangs completely went away and it became easier to keep going. Around day 10 I experienced an incredible spiritual awakening that has forever changed my life! I’m so proud of myself,and if I can motivate anyone who’s just starting or have been in it a few days to hang in there please do! It will get hard but don’t give up here’s a pic. Left 230-right 200 God is good!! This time around I expect to go even deeper with emotional mental and spiritual clarity and reach another weight loss milestone!

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