Roe- As i sit here looking at all of the post and reflecting on the journey that i just went on with water fasting for 21 days, i think and say to myself “Thank You Heavenly Father”, I made it. Definitely, one of the most challenging journeys that I’ve been on. I honestly didn’t know my own strength. Did i want to quit??? Absolutely did, numerous times over, but with the help and faith in “The Most High” , it was possible. I actually started on 2-5-18 as i wanted to connect spiritually with Father God because i had, as some of you may or may not remember, i had a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. I went to MD Anderson and had to take another ultrasound before they moved on any further. On the 4th day of the fast, i got shaky and felt very faint and it actually scared me a bit, so i had some dole pineapple chunks along with some of the juice from the jar of pineapple. I quickly re-energized from that. So what did i do? I continued the fast but also restarted to another day 1 on 2-9-18
. It became less and less difficult to me to fast. Forward to today which is my last day of the 21 day fast. Guess what yall? I had an appointment to schedule surgery for the thyroid cancer and when i went back to MD Anderson,the doctor said to me** i’m crying, Sorry*, that i DO NOT HAVE CANCER!!! To God be the Glory!! Being that this was the last week, i’m assuming that because i knew that this time was winding down, I felt a little eager to be done, and i won’t lie, i wanted to eat something after all, it’s been 21 days since I’ve chewed on any food. Now that it’s official, I really feel as though i could go further. I’m stopping because we are giving my Mom a surprise 75th birthday party with all of the fixings on the 9th of this month, and i am going to eat. Not get crazy, but i’m gonna eat. Bet that!! I need to try and gently adjust my system now, in order to be able to eat without getting ill. After that party, i’m jumping right back on the grind. I’m going to start again with a water fast for maybe a few weeks then intermittant fasting. I am now a faster for life……. I said all that to say this” It works!! in the process of this journey, i lost 39 pounds!!! 39 lbs!!!!! If you fall down which we all do, GET BACK UP!!! Dust yourself off and get back on. I also did a few days sdf and Lord knows, food is the last thing you want. Water is then like a 5 course meal…. for real…. stay strong!! Thank you Chris James as well as your brother John, and Stephen!! You all were a big inspiration to me and for that i say to you “THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Sorry yall for the long post, i just needed to get that out!❤️

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