Success Stories


Justin– Anything is possible once your mind is made up. For those of you seeking motivation to stick to your WF and your health journey, let this motivate you! Have a great day everyone!

Anything is possible!

Chris James- The entirety of this experience has been life-altering to say the least. Not only have I gained a level of Health I did not even know was possible, but I have established a place where people can learn about health, explore ideas, and have freedom of thought. Helping others has enriched my life in … Continue reading Enriching


LaNaya– I have learned that I’m not nuts or making things up by being in this group and watching the YouTube videos when I became emotional while fasting.

I became emotional while fasting.

Roe- As i sit here looking at all of the post and reflecting on the journey that i just went on with water fasting for 21 days, i think and say to myself “Thank You Heavenly Father”, I made it. Definitely, one of the most challenging journeys that I’ve been on. I honestly didn’t know … Continue reading I DO NOT HAVE CANCER!!!


Tiffany– After I totally failed at my first attempt at a water fast, I was pretty bummed… but with Chris’ motivation and all the amazing feedback from the Healthy Alternative FB family, I was able to successfully complete a 3 day water fast! I pushed past unhealthy barriers and began using the same techniques and mental … Continue reading I was able to successfully complete a 3 day water fast!

I was able to successfully complete a 3 day water fast!

Kiven– Hello everyone I’m new to the healthy alternative group. After watching videos on YouTube about juicing I’ve came across some videos about water fasting which I never really thought about doing. After further investigation I became more interested in trying a water fast very soon. Last year starting the day after thanksgiving I went on … Continue reading I went on a 65 days juice fast.

I went on a 65 days juice fast.

Kisha- I’ve lost 53lbs so far. Better skin, joints, blood pressure and sugar levels. Just did my 1st gallbladder flush and it’s really motivating me to be especially mindful of what I am putting into my body in between fasts.

I’ve lost 53lbs so far.

Darren– I lost 17 lbs in 18 days and My blood sugar is 91 (lowest in 2 years) from your videos and group and it is the first time I been this weight in 10 years…

My blood sugar is lowest in 2 years!

Jonathan– Hello all! I started fasting for health in summer of 2016 and lost 100lbs doing so. I was a pre-diabetic with high blood pressure and a whole host of other health issues that were destroying my happiness and way of life. I tried so many things, so many products, all to no avail. I … Continue reading No Longer Pre-diabetic

No Longer Pre-diabetic

Chavonne- Sooo I have lost 104 pounds since I’ve started my journey. I started by doing a 8 day water fast . Losing 21 pounds that started this whole life changing event.

Sooo I have lost 104 pounds!

Myketa– This is from my first WF back in January… I’m currently on my second extended WF(day2) I did 24 days. I had never gone that long without food! Im feeling so healthy Mentally and Spiritually which was my sole purpose. My skin cleared up and I dropped 30 pounds. The WF had completely reset my … Continue reading Weight loss milestone!

Weight loss milestone!

Theresa– It is a honor to be in the presence of such an amazing group. And even more of an honor to have learned so much more than I could have imagined about fasting; water; liver flushes; dry fasting…. I could go on. So with that being noted thank you Chris James for being a Light … Continue reading You are a treasure to the world.

You are a treasure to the world.
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