AHA Fasting System

A collection of 5 stand alone fasting and nutrition courses,  the “AHA Fasting System” is the premier “A Healthy Alternative” Fasting Program created with the intentions to equip you with the tools to harness your body’s natural healing power.

Currently “29.95 a month” or “$250 yearly”

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AHA Fasting System

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-Fasting Mindset
-Fasting Myth-Busting
-Fasting Detox Symptoms
-Fasting Preparation
-How To Break The Fast
-How To Maintain After Fasting
-How To Avoid Loose Skin
-The Unknown Truth About Electrolytes
Bonus Getting Started with Water Fasting Guide
Recipe Bonus
Monthly Q&A Calls
and more

Currently “$29.95 monthly” or  “$250 yearly”.

Are you Struggling with your fasts? Do you Lack support? Taking you from Beginner to Expert Fasting. Join the AHA Fasting Academy.