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By Chris James – The application of knowledge is power.

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What You'll Learn in This Book

In this book, one of the main things you will learn is how wellness of the body is not all complicated. Many think that it is complicated. You will see how it is not. You will see how weight loss does not have to be a long, drawn out process. It can happen quickly and efficiently with the right knowledge, application and trusting the process. You will learn that the body is the only thing that can heal the body, and therefore by applying the knowledge you learn, you have the power to reverse virtually any disease.


Lesson 1

How wellness of the body is not all complicated


Lesson 2

How weight loss does not have to be a drawn out process


Lesson 3

How you have the power to reverse virtually any disease

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“I was sick, overweight and depressed. Coming off the heels of an intensely emotional break up, while simultaneously dealing with a persistent infection, I was at a place where I felt like things would never get better. I nearly came to the conclusion I would have to accept my reality.

Before I was to give up, I wanted to give myself an opportunity to figure things out on my own. Instead of relying on someone or something else, I realized I had to be responsible for my own wellness.

My story is one of transformation, and along the way I went from having no control of my own future, to empowering others to reclaim their wellness using the fundamental practice of fasting.

From sick, overweight and depressed to empowered, healthy, and joyful. Join me for my metamorphosis.”

- Promoter of Healing, Wellness Coach

continue along your healing journey with Metamorphosis, the book.

A promulgation of age old, tried and true healing information against a backdrop of an individual’s wellness journey made relatable for the reader.

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