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Liver and Galbladder Flush

liver and gallbladder flush
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Another premium therapy that we teach, and is ranked (in my opinion) almost as high as water fasting, would be the liver and gallbladder flush. 

I would recommend utilizing the liver and gallbladder flush in conjunction with the water fasting therapy.


Over time the bile ducts in the liver/gallbladder get clogged by stones which are a product of mineral build-up, bile and other things. 


Our poor eating choices and misleading “health education” sources are the culprit. So not only is it the food we’re eating that’s a problem, but it’s the supplements/medication we’re taking that causes these issues as well. 

These stones are the cause of unimaginable pain, they can have a negative effect on hair growth, eyesight and heart health just to name a few. Not to mention they are the sole reason for having your gallbladder removed.


What’s important to understand about the liver and gallbladder flush, is that it targets the most vital detoxification organ our body has, the liver

The liver is the master organ at the head of our immune system. 

The job of the liver is to cleanse the blood. The blood obviously is extremely vital to our health, and it transports all the garbage in our body to the liver for disposal. The liver then separates the good from the bad and sends the bad to the colon to be excreted.


The gallbladder plays a vital role in supporting the liver. It stores bile and along with a few other organs (kidneys, lungs, spleen etc.) makes up what I call our true immune system.


A massive amount of diseases start with a low-functioning liver. 


One of the mistakes mainstream medical makes, is to separate the expertise in the medical field. 

What I mean by this is, you will have a neurosurgeon, a heart surgeon, a cancer specialist, and they’re all separate in their education and expertise. 


The reality is all of the organs in the body work synergistically to sustain optimal health. When one system breaks down, there is a rippling effect throughout the entire body. 

For this reason the mainstream medical industry misdiagnoses so many different diseases, because they believe if you have heart failure, it’s because your heart is bad. The reality is, heart failure could actually be an issue with the liver, that over time causes the arteries in your heart to clog and thus gives you heart disease. 


Having a true understanding of how the body functions is vital to rejuvenating the organs. It is my very humble opinion that the liver is massively overlooked in this process of healing and should be a main focus.

Please share if you found value here and think someone could benefit or would enjoy this read😁. -Thank You 

Picture of Chris James

Chris James

Chris is a health and wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people become diabetes-free after achieving health himself. He is the Creator of A Healthy Alternative.

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  1. Thank you AHA for this insightful information. This has prompted me to research more into abilities of the liver, especially as I was looking into Dr Morse’s teachings(which focuses more on the kidneys)

    Do you know whether the liver flush/ water fasting can eliminate keloids, as I have a keloid the size of a golf ball, which I’m desperate to get rid of it. My keloid has literally double in size over the course of 6 months, it’s a neverending tumour

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’ve been checking out your channel and I love what I’ve been been hearing this far.
    I really hope that you can help me. I just need to know where I should start. I need to lose about 213 pounds and the pain associated with being massively overweight. I’ve been on my “No Meat Journey” for a little over 2 months now and I’ve lost about 20 pounds. Im happy to get rid of some of weight, but I’m ready to lose much more weight and get healthy.
    I know that I need to cleanse every organ in my body. I need a total body reset and I believe that Water Fasting can help me with that goal. I just need to know how to start. I’m ready for this journey! My mind is already slim and healthy, but my body has to catch up with the mind!
    Please assist me, so I too can be Interviewed by you and share my story with the world.

    Thanks in Advance,

    Michelle Fonville

    1. Hello Michelle you have a wonderful goal ahead of you. It’s going to come with a lot of twists and turns and learning experiences but it is definitely something you can accomplish and you can look and feel phenomenal.. If your brand new to the community I would 1st say check out our Aha fasting Academy. We have put all of the beginner information in a concise format on that platform.

      1. Hi Chris
        My I have the recipe for that mixture of grapefruit n oil?
        I have a very slow gallbladder issue and been Diagnosed with the fatty liver. I really want to detox both. Could you please help me.
        Tuesday Williams

  3. Hullow Chris, when i have done 10 day water fasts, the pain in my leg muscles has been excruciating. nothing happens if i am up walking around, but as soon as i lie down, i am writhing! its a big nuisance since the energy did not kick in either, and the dizziness stayed and stayed.. and so did the acid that threatened to choke me up my throat. it burns too much to vomit anymore, and can’t live on bi carb soda forever, can i? what to do???

  4. Knowledge is power. I never cared to know all this but now it’s like I am up from a deep sleep and want to know all that’s been going on. Wow. I am really getting educated.

    1. You have two options for learning the flush. I have a video talking about the flush here on youtube Or if you’re a member of the Fasting Academy I just added the Liver Flush to the courses. or you can click the courses tab in the main menu.

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Picture of Chris James

Chris James

Chris is a health and wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people become diabetes-free after achieving health himself with water fasting as the fundamental practice. He is the Creator of A Healthy Alternative.

Consult w/ Chris

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