AHA Presents: Inaugural

Restoring Your Wellness

Civic Center, Tx 17 May, 2019

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The event will take place on Friday, the 17th of May at the Desoto Civic Centre, Dallas Texas area. The event which will operate between the hours of 6:30pm to 10:00pm will have in attendance 5 guest speakers to speak on several healing modalities as it relates to resetting our bodies to a more natural state to rid the body of diseases and illnesses. Also attached to the event is a dinner session with lots of complementary packages, programmes and activities to provide participants with a rich blend of entertainment and health information. A Healthy Alternative (AHA) is an organisation that teaches individuals on how to make use of an array of healthy alternatives towards finding a lasting solution to modern day problems as well as ensuring a disease-free life. Participants at the AHA event will have the opportunity to learn on a variety of health promoting activities among which includes water fasting for mental health and lifestyle, how to deal with diabetes and excess body fat, knowledge on diets and nutrition plus more!  Speakers include: The man himself, Chris James, Chavonne (Queen Vonnie) as the MC and speaker, Justin Howell, Tarynn Wescott, Jonathan Freeman (J Free), Chocolate Jones and a surprise guest speaker!  

A Healthy Alternative Store and Free-Spirited Soap Store will also be on site to afford participants the opportunity to purchase a variety of products that are usually only available online. The event will also feature a raffle draw for participants from both stores, with lots of prizes to be won.   Attendance to the event can be on individual and/or collective basis for friends and families in need of life-changing information.  Availability of tickets to the A Healthy Alternative event is limited with complimentary discount on early ticket purchases, as well as multiple ticket purchases for friends and families respectively.  

Aspiring participants at the event can also purchase a VIP ticket which comes with other special offers like reserved seating, early registration opportunity at the venue of event, dinner with Chris James, as well as an opportunity to attend a special consultation session before the commencement of the programme with Chris James. Let’s not forget the photo opportunities as well good conversation. The Healthy Alternative event will no doubt be a pure mix of entertainment and a life changing information with some fun loving, alternative health coaches/speakers.

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