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Is it normal to experience chest pains while water fasting?

Daisy Elisabeth
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Hey everyone. I recently completed a 5 day water fast. The 4th night i had severe pains/cramps in my stomach but i passed it off as detox symptoms and pushed through it. And the next morning i had really bad chest pains on the right side of my chest along with the right side of my throat being in pain and my right arm feeling weak. Maybe it is worth mentioning, about a week ago during my 3 day water fast, i had a medium sized dot of almost like a flat blood blister with a hole in the middle appear on my right side of the chest as well.

I’m not expecting anyone to know exactly what this is but wanted to know if anyone has had similar experiences or if you think it is a detox symptom?

Much love!

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Chris James
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Chest pain joint pain muscle pain stomach pain are are common to experience on a fast. 


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