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What breaks the cycle of failed fasts?

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I discovered Chris James on YouTube about a year ago when I was searching on ways to heal my issues with memory and information on apophagy - the body's way of eating damaged cells.  I changed my diet, purchased fasting books, watched a lot of YouTube and joined AHA Facebook family. I thought I needed to do prolonged water fasting with a physician's support but never had enough time and money.  I started with intermittent water fasting progressing from 12 - 14- 16- 20 hours to one time 48-hours and the latest was a 64-hour water fast last week! I planned prolonged water fasting and started off so many days with the mindset but I would stop because of social or emotional reasons e.g., feeling excluded, feeling like I can't concentrate at work, or frustrated and angry.  My latest 64-hour fast was motivated by my upcoming birthday of 53 years of age and I was trying to do 72 hours. It's been almost 1 year and I can't seem to make my fasting lifestyle stick!!  What breaks these cycles of failed fasts?

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Hi JolieG, 

  Like anything worth having in life, it's going to take work, dedication and focus, even when we experience those obstacles we have in life. Even when we think we're solid at something, if we're not always practicing and applying it to our lives daily (like health and overall well being), we will lose that skill/ability. Fasting is mainly mental. "If you don't use it, you'll lose it". I'm kinda in the same boat you're in. About year ago, I started listening to Chris' advice on fasting and immediately applied it to my life. My longest water fast I went 8 days straight. After I did a bunch of 48 and 72 hour fasts, developed a vegan diet and lost a good 70-80 lbs fasting with close to no exercise.

  Big life changes began to happen, I stopped applying fasting in my everyday life and began eating crap again to cope with those changes and gained 50 lbs back. I've also been attempting and failing. I was failing because my intention was the same as before. Focusing on my immediate issue (my weight and other people's opinions) instead of focusing on ME having overall health and gaining self discipline. I know fasting is the only way I'm going to be able to reach optimal health and discipline, which are the things I want in my life right now, so I'm back re-gaining my "fasting muscle" again. Constantly applying fasting to my daily life again.  And understanding this time, it's a lifestyle and not something I'll only apply when losing weight. Another thing is to start a fasting journal. Write out your feelings and know you're capable of handling difficult emotions versus going to food for comfort. 

So to answer your question in shorthand: Keep trying, focus on you bettering for health, work on re-gaining that "fasting muscle" and start a journal, get those thoughts on paper, don't allow them to ruminate and take up space. 

I would suggests you take a look at Chris' recent video:

Fail Forward (Turn Water Fasting Failure into a tool for success

Good luck!