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Thanks for setting up the new forum.

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Just want to say thanks for setting up the new forum. It looks like you are using the buddyboss theme and forum, it's sort of a pain the in the rear. This is not a complaint - just letting you know, that my registration to the website was confusing. I got sent a confirmation for my email. I thought I had received it but it was a mailchimp confirmation. On that confirmation it allowed me to set preferences or go to the site. It looked like I was in the site and logged in. I tried to post in the forum but was sent back to activate my account, which I thought I'd just done. 

Not sure if you can do this or not, but can I use the same email for the academy as I do for the forum, that would make it easier for clients. That will depend on your LMS and integration with buddyboss. 

All in all, looks good and glad I can get off FB for this. Thanks! 

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I see. The website and Academy are supposed to be two different entities. The Academy is actually supposed to have it's own forum.  I'm not sure what happened but I appreciate you pointing it out to me. If you go to the Academy and click blog you see a notification telling you ur leaving the Academy and heading to the main website.  I'll improve this but as of right now you will just have two different accounts.  Of course you can make them with the same login information.