The Big Reveal

Presenting: A Healthy Alternative Fasting Mobile Application. The social app designed to simplify your wellness journey.

A New Horizon


Know Your History

A Place where you see all of your important numbers at a glance so you can easily spot trends and automatically track progress.

Stay Accountable

A Place with a built-in ecosystem specially designed to keep you on target when broadcasting your goals.

Receive Support

A Place where you grab onto a helping hand to be pulled up when hitting challenging moments along the journey.

Feel Safe and Connect

A Place where you feel free to share your experiences with so many other like-minded individuals without crazy censorship.

Act as Support

A Place that enables you to offer a helping hand to individuals who are just starting out on their wellness journey.

Get Rewarded

A Place where you are able to focus on wellness and be rewarded for it!

and so much more

We were often being asked, “what’s the best way to introduce my family and friends to the fasting lifestyle? How can I get my friends and family to fast and adopt natural eating habits?"

This could be the answer.

Built on a community that is
Untouched. Unmatched. Unparalleled.  Unbelievably...  Amazing.

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One might consider this to have been wishful thinking 2 years ago.
Today, it is a reality, as we are currently in development.

Get Ready,

We're Moving.

you coming?

"Great 👍🏾 information on fasting as a source of healing the body .. An end to endless trails of yo yo dieting"
Denise Smarr-Quinn
AHA Group Member

Having our own app has been a long-standing desire within the community since it’s birth several years ago.

And even with all the tools out there (some really good ones), there was still a strong desire for an app unique to the A Healthy Alternative family. You see, we didn’t want to just create another Facebook.

We wanted to create an environment supplied with real resources, some of which you are already familiar if you are a part of the AHA family, and have those resources integrated with the lifeblood of our community – social, supportive and engaging – for a powerhouse effect! 

This is perfect for the many of you in the AHA family who are not “necessarily fond of other apps or platforms”.

Prior to the AHA app, if you wanted to see your full wellness story, you would have to use multiple applications.

With you, as an integral part of the community, we will continue to expand the capability of the wellness app utilizing your feedback. Finally, we have an app built for us to create a cohesive environment.

"Making Wellness
 Fun and Social with
 Real Intergrated Tools
 You Can Use."

~AHA Fasting Application

How It Works


The AHA Tracker

Our tracker records fasting duration. Here you will also be able to communicate how you feel at moments of your fast.

Group Fasting

Through our group fasting feature, you can connect with other members, convey mood, receive support, and more.

No more using chat apps just to coalesce for group fasting. You can now do it one place. Amen.

Sync Gadgets

An AHA app would not be right without allowing you to connect to your favorite gadgets like Fitbit and others.

Body Score

A score that takes into account Body Fat, Weight and Water Weight!

Group Fasting

Most of you are familiar with certain fasting apps which allow you to add people to your fasting circle. But, you are still technically "solo fasting".

With the AHA Group Fasting Feature, you can send out an invite to your friends and have them actually fast with you where everyone is in sync on one time tracker, all on ONE accord. We plan to have fun with this feature. 😊

To Growth & Balance
with the AHA App





Activity Overview

See an overview of your chosen activities at a glance with personalized recommendations.

3D Body Scan

Keep a record of your measurements over time using the 3D Body Scan feature.

Activity at a Daily Glance

See Today's view of your activities and compare against one or more days in the same week!

Activity Total View

Get a complete look at your data across a variety of activities tracked by your connected gadget or input manually by yourself!

As we continue to build...

A New Home for a Thriving Family.

Share Files

Got an important document you want to share with a friend? Send it in the app messenger!

In-app Recipes

Take joy in the countless recipes made available to you. Have recipes of your own you would like to share? Great! Who knows, maybe your recipe will end up in the Recipes store!

Bluetooth access

Connect with all your favorite gadgets made possible with Bluetooth connectivity!

Send Audio Messages

Sometimes using voice might be best to convey a message. Have fun exchanging memos with friends!

Make Video Calls

Want or need to do a face-to-face? No problem! Make easy video calls with a click of a button.

In-app Show

The AHA app will be home to high-attraction interviews where our fascinating AHA community members are featured along with other informative content found on the AHA YouTube Channel!

Get Measurements

Measure and record everything from your arms and chest, to your hips and thighs, and auto-calculate your body fat percentage!

And, how would you like to keep track of your Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar? Well, you can do that too all inside the AHA app!

Built-in search

Find AHA members close to you! Let's take our energy online and continue to build offline as well!

3D Body Scan

Track Water Intake

Set reminders to ensure you are keeping hydrated, and get a comprehensive view of your water consumption. Simple but powerful feature.

In-App Contests

There has been a surge in interest around contests since our very first one. We have been listening and developed a contest you will be eager to join! We plan to have fun with this feature.

Scheduled Fasting

For example, you can schedule, in advance, to perform three "5/2" Fasts in 1 month.


A built-in Accountability Page that links to your app activity and directly corresponds to personal goals that you determine!

Gamification/Reward System

Here is another fun element of the AHA Fasting App.
We thought it'd be a pretty cool idea to reward the AHA community based on achievements and small challenges.
A reward system with redeemable power that outweighs the dollar inside the app!

Imagine, you set a 1-week goal.

In this 1 week, you plan a 4/3 fast, and you want to test the effect certain refeed meals have on your weight, measurements and blood sugar.
You can record your fast successfully using the AHA fasting tracker while on a solo fast or group fast. Then, record your weight, measurements and blood sugar.
Next, you try out some of the in-app recipes and record when you ate each meal. And on days 6 and 7 of your refeed, you will record your weight, measurements and blood sugar to get an idea of how your refeeding affected these “trackables”.
And that’s not even the best part.
You can see your friends’ goals and activities as well! So, maybe you will want to get together and pair up on goals to build off of past results and refine your efforts moving forward!

Now, onto the important stuff

Development is already underway. So we come to you, the AHA family, with a simple but big ask.

We’ve been at it for years, keeping the ancestral traditions of wellness practices alive, continuously sharing and cultivating a safe space for like-minded individuals. As we look to fuse the unmatched social energy of the community with real integrated tools, this app is an extension of that.

The AHA team has already put a large monetary contribution into the app and now this is your opportunity to support the growth of our community in an unrivaled fashion.

Some of you may or may not know this, but when it comes to developing an app like this with the kind of value fit for the A Healthy Alternative family, it takes resources – tens of thousands of dollars to get it right.

You see, when you invest into AHA, you are investing in research and development of new ideas that impact the family. In essence, you could say it is a reinvestment into yourself if you consider yourself a member of the AHA community. So, with that, we ask that if you see the value here to make a contribution of any size you wish. We are forever grateful and excited as we, the AHA family, continue to move to new horizons.



How to contribute:

1. Select from one of the tiers below. The rewards included within the tier may influence your selection. Look at the rewards and choose your tier, you can also choose to contribute a custom amount (this is reserved for contributions BELOW $100 only).

2. Once you click “Contribute Now” on the tier you want, You will be taken over to PayPal where you will confirm your contribution.

3. Give it a second and allow for PayPal to bring you over to a form that you will fill out. This form we will use to keep you updated with app progress and for the fulfillment of your rewards. Fill it out completely.

You will receive an email from us giving you the opportunity to cast your vote for the app naming 🙂

In addition, you will receive exclusive access to a private page where we will share screens, features and all important aspects of the AHA App as it continues to come to life!

That’s it.

Lastly, we want to extend gratitude to our community, the best family out there.

Thank you.

To Goal 57%

Choose your contribution below.

Your contribution doesn’t come empty-handed. No way.
Similar to the app, we applied care and attention to the rewards for contributions.



*Any Amount Below $100








You all Spoke it
into existence.

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We are a community of 100k+ strong across all platforms.
With a $100 contribution from 300 AHA community members (that’s .3% of the group), we are in a great place! Share and re-share this page but more importantly share a screenshot of your contribution in the AHA Facebook Group. Let’s get the ball rolling. Let’s do this right!


$23,472.51 invested of $40,000 goal.

To Goal 57%

with over 100 committed contributors and counting...

Become a key player in a community you helped to build.

Ladies and Gentlemen…this is huge so we aren’t gonna be shy about this one.


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To Goal 57%

We are Halfway There! 😊