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Welcoming in a new age of wellness. Moving forward with fundamental practices. It is time to refresh with the fam.

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The "A Healthy Alternative" 21-Day Fasting Challenge


March 28, 2022


Inside of our Private Community Facebook Group


For the purpose of successfully "Habitualizing" Wellness using synergy, guidance and group coaching

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>>March 28th 2022<<


Inside The AHA March 21-Day Challenge - What's New?

The official “new year” begins at the spring equinox, March 20 – 21. And, we are rolling in the following week with our 21-day challenge by request.

In this March 2022 event, we extended the preparation phase to 2 weeks which now includes the 7-Day prep from the previous Challenges along with a Liver and Galbladder Flush and The Root Brand Training. The Root Brand is a company which creates organic, non-gluten, non-GMO, vegan products to support your body to detox, cleanse, focus and relax – simply and naturally. Heavy metals and other enviornmental toxins wreak havoc on our health, and customers of The Root Brand have seen tremendous results rather quickly using their products. You will receive more information on The Root Brand products and where you can get yours following sign up and inside the 21-Day Challenge private community.

We also added a 3-Week “After-Care” component to follow the Refeed phase of the event. It is here where we will share more on how to maintain the results you gained during the fast you just completed.

A Reference Guide for each phase of the Challenge
-Liver and Gallbladder Flush Guide
-Fasting Prep Guide
-Refeed Guide
-After Care Training/Guide

Who is this Challenge for?

This Challenge is for you if you find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place in your wellness journey. If you have been consuming loads and loads of information around fasting and wellness but have not taken any focused action because you realize guidance, coaching and a proper support system is what you need, then this Challenge is for you. If you do not even know where to begin on your journey, this event is definitely for you. If you are someone who is already along their wellness journey and would like a guided program accompanied by an encouraging atomsphere with many other like-minded individuals to help you achieve your goals, join us.

New Curriculum

We’ve got you covered

With nearly 2,000 participants who have taken the Challenge, will you be next?

The AHA March 21-Day Challenge Sequence

Liver and Galbladder Flush

Helps with the removal of liver stones, supports the immune system and increases vitality, we will go step-by-step through the liver and galbladder preparatory phase and flush.

The Root Brand products Training

At the moment, the environment in which society finds itself is heavily filled of toxins and we are subject to high amounts of heavy metals. We will introduce you to The Root Brand and the benefits of using their products! The goal with this and performing the Liver and Galbladder Flush prior is to create a favorable fasting experience.

Fasting Prep

Fasting Preparation will coincide with the Liver and Galbladder Flush. It is here where we will teach the group how to properly enter a fast. The best thing about the prep is these are strategies you can also use once the fast is done!

Understanding Detox Symptoms

A critical part of fasting, if not the most important, is understanding detox symptoms. Most tend to throw in the towel at the onset of very common detox symptoms where if they had been familiar with the signs, they could have achieved their goals. We will help you better understand detox symptoms and ways to mitigate them for successful outcomes.

Essential Oils Training

Plants are the original powerful "remedy". We will teach about the lifeblood of the plant, its oil. There are so many oils! These will be a major tool in assisting with the detox symptoms. You just need to know which ones to use.

Mindset Coaching

Fasting is more mental than it is physical. We will coach you on to best train your mind for this pursuit.

Fasting "Shrink Week"

A term coined by A Healthy Alternative. If you did not know what it was while fasting, you would be confused. It is key.

Ending Your Fast

After Shrink Week, the fast will come an end.


Then, we will go into proper refeeding strategies as a group.


The After-Care segment is a new addition to the Challenge where we will go in-depth on best ways to maintain the results you gain while fasting.

Awards Ceremony

We want to reward you for your efforts.

Toward the end of the challenge, there will be an Awards Ceremony/Lottery Drawing which will include:


Including an Opportunity to Get Featured on the A Healthy Alternative YouTube channel as well as Facebook and Instagram and get an Interview with Chris James and Stephen Michael.

In order to be eligible to partake in the awards ceremony, you must follow all of the challenge requirements.

- Take before picture
- Get before weight
- Take after pictures
- Get after weight
- Report how many days of the fasting process you completed successfully

A form will be given to members near the end of the 21-Day Fasting Challenge for providing these requirements. The awards ceremony will be talked about more inside the Group!

“The days of intimidating & confusing Fasting Practices are finally over!”

Happy Participants

What You Get when Joining the
"A Healthy Alternative" March 2022 21-Day Challenge :

✔A supportive 60-Day environment (which you will continue to have access to once the Challenge is over).

✔ Group Coaching by 5 Experienced Coaches

✔ Coaching Videos for each phase of the Challenge

✔ 4 Reference Guides for each phase of the Challenge

✔ 4 Facebook Lives

✔ Essential Oils Training

✔ The Root Brand Training

✔ A Mastermind Group of incredible people as a resource

✔ Award Ceremony/Giveaways


Here are some commonly asked questions.


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First day of the Challenge is March 28. 2022. 

Intention. You need to know why you are doing it and what you wish to gain. 

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