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Today we will be talking about sun water. Sun water, in my opinion, is one of the most natural ways to energize your water. We oftentimes disregard the severe importance of water due to the propaganda our society has perpetuated on us. People have ideas in their head like “all water is the same” and “all water is safe to drink”. In reality, the waters that we deem the safest to drink, are oftentimes the most detrimental to our health. In the United States it is very common to find more than 80 ingredients in the tap water, these are ingredients that leach into skin from the shower or bath, as well as leach into the bloodstream after being consumed.

Sun water is a game changer. The reason why is because the sun has this innate ability to break down harmful chemical compounds, it’s one of the reasons why you can’t leave water in a plastic bottle out in the sun. You see, people tend to think that you can’t leave water out in the sun because it’s unsafe, the reality is it depends on the container. The harmful chemicals in plastic are easily broken down by the sun and will leach into the water, that’s making the water extremely toxic. Now, this is something I’ve been aware of for quite some time and today I want to talk about how we can quantify the sun’s effect on water. This is where the ORP tester comes into play.

The ORP tester identifies whether a liquid is oxidizing or anti-oxidizing. The goal is to get your water or your liquid to be anti-oxidizing (in a negative digit), that means it is something that will restore or replenish life. The oxidizing water will age you. I got a few comments talking about how the testers aren’t very accurate and while I completely agree that the testers aren’t very accurate, especially for the price I paid for them, the goal of this test wasn’t to get accurate readings, it was just to see whether or not the sun had a positive or negative effect on the ORP reading. By seeing a lower reading on the ORP tester, we know that the sun is in fact improving the quality of the water to some degree.

I decided to test some ordinary tap water, some distilled water as kind of a control, and then I tested some sun water I had sat outside for a couple days. Now in my other videos where I talk about sun water, I mentioned that it is my belief that the longer you sit the water out in the sun, the more potent the effects will be. I currently have a jug of water that’s been sitting outside for almost a week, I will be testing soon just to see what the reading is like. But for the purposes of this test a few days would suffice.

Success! The sun water had a reading almost 30 points lower than the tap water and distilled water on the ORP tester. It tested at around 107, whereas the distilled water and tap water tested closer to 130. The goal is to get the ORP number to a negative number, but the lower the number the better.

While I will admit that this is a crude method for testing something as sensitive as the ORP of sun water, it serves its purpose well. The sun had a positive effect on the ORP of the water, plain and simple. Outside of the fact that you can taste the difference with sun-energized water versus tap water, now you can also test the difference. I hope this was an enlightening read for you, if you have not heard much about sun water or water in general and the amazing qualities of water, feel free to check out the posts I’ve made on the therapy section of the website, as well as the mini videos on YouTube or in the video section of the website where I talked about water. 🖐🏾

2 thoughts on “Sun Water ORP Test

  1. Hey Chris, very informative! I’m constantly on the go and normally have a water bottle with me. My question is, if I forget my glass bottle in the car every so often what effects do you think the heat would have on the water? Upwards of 90 degrees.

    1. It wouldnt harm your water at all just makes it hot. I leave mine in the car all the time. With plastic its different bc chemicals can leach into the water

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