How To Distract Yourself While On A Water Fast

It’s funny, because I never actually thought that this would be a major problem (distracting yourself while fasting). When I was attempting my first long-term water fast, I did think about how I would distract myself, but it wasn’t really about staying busy, it was about keeping my mind off of my rumbling belly. What I’ve come to find out is a lot of people eat out of boredom, I mean, we eat just to have something to do. So in this post I’m going to attempt to take away that need to eat in order to occupy your time.

Now, in the video, I did speak on this topic; I mentioned that education, learning or research was extremely vital for me during my water fast. In general, educating yourself about this water fasting process has a positive effect on different levels. Firstly, lack of education or lack of understanding of the process will have you wondering why you’re even doing what you’re doing. I mean, we all know what we want to accomplish, but during that time when your stomach is speaking to you, you tend to forget LOL. What I found is that by seriously digging deep, finding out exactly what I was doing and why, learning how the foods that I thought I loved were actually extremely harmful for me. These truths helped me push through some of the hard moments.

I also mentioned that I didn’t want parasites making decisions for me. This idea of parasites being able to release a neurotoxin that causes me to crave different foods, drove me through the ceiling. And it’s funny, because this information stems from the first point I made, which was to educate yourself. During my fast I was learning about parasites and of course I was wondering if I would see any come out. But learning about how they control us drove me insane. I mean, would you want something inside you causing you to desire foods or causing you to have an attitude. The thing we have to realize is these chemical imbalances in our bodies control everything, even our mood, so it’s of vital importance to balance all of that out.

Another good tip is to plan ahead. Now oftentimes we want to jump into a water fast without planning. But what you’re going to want to do is plan for your fast! Think about activities that you have coming up that you’ve committed to, think about how you may feel doing these activities while not eating, as a lot of our activities are associated with eating. Also plan your pantry as well. What I mean by that, is make sure that you do not have your favorite bad foods in the house, get rid of them. Depending on how long you’re fasting, you can replace all the poor food choices with healthy food choices or if you’re going to do an extended fast, plan a trip to the grocery store right before you break your fast. It’s a good idea to plan meals for yourself and to learn about the foods that you’re going to want to start transitioning into eating on a regular basis in order to maintain your healthy lifestyle. See, the reality is you do not want to put in all of this work fasting and then revert back to the same style of eating that got you in trouble in the first place. We have to understand what these foods are doing to us.

All in all, you’re going to want to hop outside your comfort zone a little bit, there are many different activities you can do that don’t involve food, such as going to the park, doing something creative like origami or painting, as well as many, many other options. Don’t look at this as a clock that is ticking down to the time when you can finally eat again, change your perspective and look at it as an opportunity to explore new things. I hope that these words help you all in some way and that you continue to fight the good fight. Be blessed my friends.

10 thoughts on “How To Distract Yourself While On A Water Fast

  1. During my first WF, I was focused on the end of the fast. But I also realized I did not need to occupy the time I usually spent eating. I typically spend less than 40 minutes a day on food activities. I prep meals on Sundays and eat salads or heat plant based meals for dinner. So what time did I needed to fill? I just needed to ignore my emotional feeling of missing food.

    1. Wow you’re pretty efficient 40 minutes is fast. I just started my summer detox therapies I’m doing a prep week and then I will start My fasting. It’s funny because I have a crap ton of stuff to keep me occupied. I’m just going to be way more productive without spending all the time on food

  2. πŸ‘‹πŸ½Hey I have a quick question. This will be my first time doing the water fast and I’m borderline diabetic 6.3. Sometimes my Glucose Reading will drop 36 33 the lowest. If I added raw Honey to my water will that be breaking my fast!?? I am not on Diabetic medication only by food.

    1. No need to add anything to your water when you fast. You can monitor your numbers but if you want to get out of the diabetic range you have to let your body do what it needs to do. Everyone who I have monitored who had diabetes did pure water fasting and within a week or so their diabetic condition have pretty much turned around

  3. I saw your YouTube sessions and others on dry and wet fast. For over 20 year have done so my different diets and none of them gave me the result this fast. I combined both dry and wet fast with exercise and the results are amazing. I just started this month, well the end of July 30, 2018. So I am doing the fast with a little bit of mixture. So my weight was 309 in the past, after a mixture of diets forever and a day, my weight was at 286. When I started the fast at the end of July 30 weight 286, now in 5 days I just weight and I am at 264 I am still in my first week.

    Q? I am waking up in the night about 2am and cannot fall back asleep, this just started. Is it because of the fast and what can I do?

    1. Wow thats great to hear!! When you fast you dont require as much sleep because you have more energy. Change your bed time and use the extra energy and time for something constructive.

  4. Chris, first of all, I love watching your informative videos on youtube!!! I can’t get enough of watching them!!! I’m also very impressed with how successful you, your sister, and your brothers were on your weight loss journeys!!! Y’all look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! You guys have inspired me to want to try extended water fasting. Wish me luck!!! πŸ™‚

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Do I have to take vitamins while water fasting???
    2. Can I do a liver cleanse while water fasting???

    I know you mentioned that it can be done before or afterwards, but I want to know can it be done during the fast. Please advise.

    Thank you in advance for your response. I really appreciate it!!! Take care, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon. πŸ™‚

    Peace, Blessings, & Love,

    1. Thank you so much we loving hear that we were able to inspire others. I am very much so against vitamins in general especially on a water fast. The only ones that are ok to use are whole vitamins.
      No you cant flush while fasting.

  5. Chris, I forgot to mention: I take blood pressure medication and the following supplements: B12, magnesium, and potassium. Can I continue taking the supplements and add a little pink himalayan sea salt to my water while doing the water fast??? I really need to know because I want to be bold and push myself to do it for 21 days. Your input is very valuable to me. Please advise. Thanks!!! πŸ™‚

    1. I cant tell you to stop taking you medication but I can tell you most ppl in the group either stop or cut their meds down. No salt or b12. if you feel really really weak or whatever during a fast use fresh squeezed juice

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