How to avoid harsh detox symptoms while water fasting

Okay, this is a big one. How can we avoid the harsh detox symptoms when water fasting? Well first of all, what are some of the symptoms that we are speaking about? The detox symptoms can be expressed in many different ways. Coughing, rashes, low energy, headaches, dizziness, sore throats, joint pain, abdominal pain, temporary hair loss, puffiness around the eyes, and much, much more.

So what’s causing the detox symptoms in the first place? Well, that’s a good question and there are many different answers. There isn’t one single answer for why something happens, everyone is unique and everyone’s fasting experiences are unique. With that being said, I can throw a couple of ideas your way for possibly why you may be experiencing what you’re experiencing.

Headaches are super common, period, if you’re a coffee drinker and you’ve ever gone without having your morning coffee or your daily coffee, you probably have noticed some withdrawal symptoms, which include headaches. Just like any drug, when our body starts going through withdrawal, we tend to experience a variety of unpleasantries. When you’re fasting, you’re not putting anything in your body, that means that the sugar that we are unknowingly addicted to and the caffeine, is being purged and the result would be headaches.

Temporary hair loss. This is one of those things that happens enough for me to speak about, but is less common. People get really freaked out when they start losing extra hair, and rightfully so. While this didn’t happen to me, it happens to some people. I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly why this happens and here’s where I’ve landed so far. The liver, which is your main elimination organ, becomes low-functioning. When you fast, you are releasing a large amount of toxins into your system that were previously being protected by your fat cells. If the liver is not functioning at a level that can handle all of the toxins being released, you may find new issues popping up in other places. It compromises the lymphatic system and directly affects the nurturing of the hair follicle. One good way to combat this is to utilize the liver and gallbladder flush that I promote, click here to check out the video.

One more fairly common detox symptom would be rashes on the skin, pimples or anything in that realm. This actually goes back to what I mentioned previously about the liver being low-functioning. One of the other elimination organs we have is the skin. If the liver is not equipped to eliminate toxins, the body will utilize the skin as a last resort. This results in pimples, rashes and all sorts of swelling on the skin. Your first reaction is going to be to run to the doctor and get some cortisol. I would strongly advise against that. I have seen this happen time and time again and while the direction is different for each individual, the result has been the same if left completely alone, which is the skin returns to normal and oftentimes returns in better condition than it was previously. If it’s itchy, you can moisturize it with something like coconut oil, but other than that I would not put any kind of medication on it, as it may have a negative effect. Also, ending your fast when you see something like this pop up, may just prolong the time it takes for your body to finish healing, so it’s advised to continue fasting for optimum results.

At the end of the day, there are many detox symptoms, there’s always going to be something unique popping up. I encourage you all to keep an open mind as we are looking to relearn the body and change our perspective on what symptoms are. One last tip for limiting detox symptoms would be to choose a fasting method that allows for a slower detox. Such methods include intermittent fasting and alternate day fasting. Feel free to ask follow-up questions and create a dialogue here in the blog or head over to the Forum section and post a question.

4 thoughts on “How to avoid harsh detox symptoms while water fasting

  1. I did a three day fast (honestly I didn’t think I would make it) but I prayed a lot and that helped me through it. I started at 331.8 and now I am 318.4. Yesterday I broke my fast with fruits and vegetables and to be honest, I had some popcorn too…. weird because I don’t normally eat it. I plan to do another 3 days starting today. Your videos and blogs are helpful and informative. I wish I had known about this year’s ago. Thank you❤

    1. You know what, I actually hear that fairly often. People say that they were able to fast longer than they thought possible. The reality is that fasting is a very natural part of our lives but we’ve been educated to believe otherwise. It’s amazing finding out what you’re truly capable of. I’m really happy that you had a successful fast and that you’re planning to continue that trend. ☺

  2. Hello Chris! From all the detox symptoms I’m experiencing only rashes, but the itching so bad 😦 It’s on my arms, on my back and even between breast. Coconut oil is not helping 😦 Is there anything else that I can use just to avoid itching?
    Btw, many thanks to you for creating such an amazing community where people which strugeling with their weight and deseises can find support and understanding ❤

    1. Hi there I’m happy to hear that you are dedicated to the process and didn’t give up before at least looking for some additional help. And you are quite welcome. I created these platforms to help people and it’s my joy. Okay so as far as the rash goes, I’m sure there is some herb you could stew and used topically, unfortunately I have not yet got around to studying the herbs. With that being said I know of one method that can help you but I have to be honest with you I don’t even want to tell you because it’s a very taboo therapy. Just know that I thoroughly research everything that I suggest to other people as well as trying it personally so I’m not just throwing some crazy idea out there when I say this but urine therapy would probably help you. It’s the act of using urine to heal or treat. It correlates with that idea that you could pee on a jellyfish sting urine is great to use topically. If you’ve never heard of it I would highly suggest you research what it is as I won’t be going into it on this website or in my group for quite a while some key words to look for would be plasma ultrafiltrate which is the same as the NBA otic fluid which is the same as the urine. And I would suggest researching sources that actually promote urine therapy versus medical mainstream sources that have no real information about it. A simple treatment would be to rub fresh urine on the areas that are most itchy let it sit for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off. Good luck hope this helps

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