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150-Day Water Fast
(The Fasting Fatman)

Fasting Fatman 150 Day Fast
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He was extremely overweight; he didn’t want to die so he made powerful change. Watch John’s incredible journey going from 530lbs to 300lbs in 150 days by harnessing the power of fasting! Press Play to Watch and share with us an interesting takeaway BELOW⇓ in the comments.

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Picture of Chris James

Chris James

Chris is a health and wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people become diabetes-free after achieving health himself. He is the Creator of A Healthy Alternative.

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  1. Are black beans or any type of beans allowed during the feeding days?
    I just started my R72 and I don’t want to mess it up by eating the wrong foods

      1. Thank you!
        I’ve prepped with high water fruits and veggies and feel confident
        I know running across your YT channel was by design
        Keep doing what you’re doing Chris.
        You’re truly changing lives and pushing those of us who make excuses to be about it

  2. Are black beans or any type of beans allowed during the feeding days?
    I just started my R72 and I don’t want to mess it up by eating the wrong foods

  3. Hello Mr. Chris:

    I am brand new to your channel and it is very encouraging. I started the Rolling 72 May 31, 2022

    So far, so good (I am on day 2) ……. But it is brand new

    I am not hungry. I feel energized right now. I have fasted in the past for religious purposes (but that has been a while)

    I have a quick question…. I see all of the results but where are the 40+ and 50+ Testimonies?

    The individuals in there 20s and 30s metabolisms are high and results may be better…

    I will be 48 yrs old next month (June 27); I weigh 260 lbs (the largest I have ever been); I am 5’8″ and I need to lose 80 lbs without surgery. Getting under 200 lbs would be a life changer at this time.

    My stomach has become out of control….. It has never been this big. Maybe it is hormonal (but it is BAD)

    Please advise…. I need help

  4. Hi, Chris my name is Barbara. I have been diagnosed with Lupus, high blood pressure, I had a brain bleed, blot clots, a stroke, and kidney failure. Lupus had attacked my kidneys. But I survived all of this. It all hit me back to back in 2020 once I was diagnosed. I am on alot of medication for Lupus. I wanted to lose weight because I am on steroids and it have made me gain so much weight. Before Lupus I was at 190. Now I am at 236. I am desperate to be healthy again and I want to live. I have been struggling with my bad eating habits for some time now. I have stumble across your videos quite a few times and I would like to do Fasting. Please help me.

    1. Hi, Barbara! You can send us a message inside of our group or you can always book online consultation in our site.

      1. Do you have any advice for fasting while taking supplements? I had two gastric surgeries and I have to take calcium and a multivitamin everyday, on top of anxiety medicine. Does taking supplements hinder the body or fasting process

      2. It’s OK to take supplements and herbs when you’re fasting as long as your supplements are whole vitamins meaning they are essentially live plants that were ground up and encapsulated. We do have a trusted affiliation with a brand that creates some amazing vitamin supplements. The ability to purchase is by invitation only but here’s the link you can use if you want to check them out. My recommendation would be the relive greens the natural immunity support and the zero in.

  5. Hello Chris James, I just watched your interview with the ‘fasting fat man’ and his story is so inspiring! And before that I started watching your YouTube Channel a few days ago and have since been so inspired. I am now 2 days in with lemon water fasting. And I plan on binge watching your videos to further inspire me. I also plan on doing a consultation with you or one of your consultants. And lastly, the video with your brother and Jasmine also was a big inspiration!

  6. I have a blood sugar issue. Pre diabetic. Some mornings I get queasy and shaky when I don’t eat and I have to have a bagel or something to calm my shakes. How do I start my fast?

  7. Hi
    My name is samone, I have been watching you youtube vid and I am day 10 into my water fasting with the goal of 30 days. My goal is to lose 120lbs and to turn my high blood pressure around. My family is terrified, we lost an uncle after a 40 day fast. Looking for someone to walk me thru this process, the fear is beginning to get in my head. Samone

      1. Hi Chris! Thank you so much for your channel and this information — it’s literally saving lives!

        I’m trying to find videos where you talk able the longest fast we can safely do as well as the longest you’ve personally ever fasted (as in consecutive days before taking a whole food or juice break).

        I’m planning to begin soon and the longest I’ve ever gone so far is 3-4 days consecutively—I want to go further and get the max physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

        Thank you again!


  8. Hi Chris,

    I have been following you on YouTube and have completed 2 fasts. One for 11 days and another for 21 days. Each time I had to deal with my mate condemning the process and placing food in my face. Each time I ultimately succumbed to my food addiction and went back to overeating all the wrong things. Please advise me on having the ability to sustain my healing goals while dealing with my mate and his fasting negativity.

    1. Hi Kimberly, my name is Chell Bush and I am Chris’ personal representative. I have been working alongside Chris learning and applying my knowledge for over 2 years now. I wanted to give you a bit of background so that you know I’ve been approved to reply on his behalf. That being said here are my suggestions. 1. Remember your why. I encourage you to write it down, put it on a vision board, record a video, or make a note on your phone. Think about why you choose to fast and what outcomes you desire. Great work by the way on your extended fasts. That shows you have the will power. 2.Take time to really think about what it will take for you to achieve your goals as they relate to your why. Picture the types of people you need in your close circle to help support your why and the path you have chosen to reach your goals. Finally, I suggest having a conversation with your mate explaining why this is important to you, how it would make you feel to have their support and discuss all of the benefits that have come along with fasting. Ultimately, you make the final decision on what your lifestyle will be, and if the people in your life now will be the same people in your life once you have made the full transition you desire. I wish you the very best and encourage you to keep going. You are in control of your destiny. I believe in you!!

  9. This was so inspiring, congratulations! I started day 1 prep today. I’ve subscribed now all I need is direction. My concern is loose skin I’ve heard you mention that there is a way to prevent that on this fast, can you help me with that?

  10. Chris, why have I yet to any of your before pictures? Everyone you interview including your brother John you before see pics of them throughout their journey just not of you…Like to see where you started. Thanks!

  11. Hi Chris
    Thank you for sharing the video. His story was amazing. He shared a lot of information that was helpful. I liked his motivation, attitude, mental toughness and the I can attitude. His journey was helpful. I know he can do anything he put his mind to. He has already proven that.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing all of this.

    I, too, am getting my life back and go back to running again. I’ve been going through some changes with my body for a few years now, from stress issues, eating wrong and now, not running anymore. I want to get back into doing my Half Marathons and fun runs.

    I want to get rid of at least 35 lbs and tone. 16 years ago, I lost about 110 lbs after my weight loss surgery, was eating right, running regularly, enjoy my lifestyle…THEN something happened or maybe it was this meat-eating lifestyle that finally caught up with me. I have been experiencing skin problems for about 7 years now, rashes (especially, in my face), lost of teeth, blotting, drain energy….but no major diseases, THANK GOD! After a wellness women exam, my doctor went through everything – I passed all my tests, except my bone density showed a little osteoporosis that she prescribed Vitamin D for.

    At any rate, I decided on the water fasting. How long? I don’t know, but until I feel detoxed, see my skin (face) rashes disappear and my coloration come back. I do have a question about elasticity. What can I do, naturally, to tighten up my skin…its not hanging (well, under my upper arms a little too much), but I don’t want to feel things going up & down when I’m jumping.

    So, here goes for me…. (thanks, again)

    1. Hi, happy you’re ready to take control. Ok for skin elasticity the best move is a combination of fasting and drinking structured water. I highly recommend a water structuring device or charging your water in the sun. Other than that a regular fasting schedule and I assume u plan to make changes to you diet already and that’s the best way to deal with loose skin. I have devices on hand as well as some in the store.

  13. Great video! He spoke about things I hadn’t heard before (re-feeding syndrome). This content like all the other content and videos are really inspirational and motivating! Thanks guys!

  14. Loved his step by step analysis of his process, and that he didn’t set out with the initial goal of 150 days. I can check in with myself in 7 days, and every 7 days after that…that seems doable, realistic, and mentally healthy. Incredibly inspiring interview!

      1. Awesome!!! I am a newbie to AHA Fasting community and this is so inspirational. I use to fast a lot and I loved the clarity, the feeling and the closeness to God. I am tired of eating the wrong foods and wine and I am ready for change. It is serving me no purpose if I look pregnant and older (due to weight gain) and hormonal imbalance. I truly need a change. I believe water fasting is a great way to reset. Great testimony John . I am on No medicine and plan never to be. Thanks ? God Bless

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Picture of Chris James

Chris James

Chris is a health and wellness coach who has helped hundreds of people become diabetes-free after achieving health himself with water fasting as the fundamental practice. He is the Creator of A Healthy Alternative.

Consult w/ Chris

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